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Why 'Black Don't Crack'

Hi darlings!

Hope you're good! I bet you're thinking “ Hannah, what's with the title of this!” LOL. Well last week in the clinic a few clients were talking about ageing and I heard one of them ask the other how do they get their skin to look so good and how could she get hers like that? I immediately wanted to interrupt and say it was because of me - this was partly true, she replied it’s because “black don’t crack hun”! And she was right.

Lot of you have probably heard of the term “Black don't crack”, who made it up I don't know (if you want to know feel free to do your own research, but i'm trying to get my screen time down lol) but what I can tell you is the truths and reasons behind the saying.

So the term Black don't crack is right. It all comes down to our collagen. Our collagen is in bundles and is in the dermis layer of the skin. I'll pop a diagram of the skin down below so you can understand a little better. Everyone has collagen but depending on the colour of your skin, determines how much space, if any, you have in between the collagen bundles.

Lighter skin has more space in between bundles than darker skin, which is why you can visibly see effects like ageing, dehydration etc more in lighter skin than dark. Another point to remember is the darker the skin the quicker it dehydrates!

Ive recorded a little video explaining the collagen bundles below.

Let me know what you think.

Any question, just let me know.


Hannah-Curlita x

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