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Ultimate Beauty: Skin Specialist Course 

Hey darling! I'm Hannah-Curlita, the founder of The Curlita Academy. With 16 years of experience in the beauty industry, I've recognised a gap in comprehensive training that caters to both beginners and experienced skin practitioners. Our new course not only teaches specific skills and treatments but also covers essential business operations, anatomy, and how to create and maintain an ethnically inclusive clinic. Being a black woman and a black owned business, I'm extremely passionate about us ALL being included. 

Many of our past students have come to us with limited knowledge beyond the treatments they've been trained in, often needing to enrol onto additional courses. We don’t think this isn't fair – after all, money doesn't grow on trees, darling! That's why we've developed the Ultimate Beauty: Skin Specialist course.

Drawing from my extensive experience in treatments, clinic development, and business mentoring, along with insights from various cultures, we've crafted a truly fantastic course.

And once you complete the course, our support doesn’t end. We continue to offer guidance in your career whenever you need us.

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This course is perfect for you if:

  • You're tired of your current job and seek something more fulfilling

  • You want control over your income (I now earn in two days what I used to make in a month at my old office job!)

  • You desire flexibility in your schedule – have kids? No problem! Work school hours or evenings; it's your call, you're the boss!

  • You've been wanting to enter the beauty industry but didn't know where to start – sweetheart, we've got you! Don't just take our word for it, check out what some of our students have to say below!

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The Ultimate Beauty Skin Specialist Course, is a comprehensive, fully accredited skin specialist program designed to equip you with the comprehensive skills and knowledge required to excel as a professional skin specialist.


 Whether you are a beginner, experienced or someone aspiring to be the best in the field, this course is tailored for you.

Our course is accredited, ensuring you receive the highest quality training, enabling you to secure insurance and start working with the general public immediately upon completion.​


What You'll Master

  • Standard skin treatments 

  • Luxury and Medical grade skin treatments

  • Comprehensive body anatomy (not just the face, sweetie)

  • Business Skills 

  • Creating an inclusive clinic environment for all ethnicities

  • A wide range of skin treatments including dermaplaning, chemical peels, lymphatic drainage, luxury massage, and so much more!


  • Practical Training: Gain hands-on experience with all the practical training needed to secure insurance and start working with the general public immediately after completion.

  • Inclusive Expertise: As a black-owned business, we specialise in ethnic inclusivity across the beauty industry, ensuring our training is diverse and comprehensive. In our clinic and academy, NO ONE is left out.​​

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Learn everything from legislation, health and safety, and insurance, to the ins and outs of running a clinic and a business.

  • Ongoing Support: Enjoy lifelong support via our student group, ensuring you have a community and resources to rely on forever.

  • Beginner-Friendly: This course is ideal for beginners and those who aspire to be the best in the industry. Our approach is straightforward, making learning simple and effective.

  • Business Mentoring: We don't just teach you about skincare; we mentor you on how to run a successful clinic and business. Our course includes practical business examples and dedicated mentoring sessions.

WHY Choose Us?



Whats Included 

All courses and materials. You will have individual certificates for each subject which will make your skin specialist qualification. 



Foundation Facials & Skin Care    

Anatomy & Physiology Level 3

Facial Massage & Lymphatic Drainage 





Chemical Peels


LED Light Therapy

Business Masterclass




How to Build your Beauty Brand: The Blue Print




Ethnicity Inclusion Course 


Medical Grade Skin Care Kit 









Study Method

You will be sent login details (via email) for you to access our fabulous Online Education Platform. This is where your tutorial videos, manuals and more kept. Your course can be completed on desktops, laptops, tablet or your mobile enabling you to learn anywhere around the world.

Each course is structured into modules and units. Each module has a videos to watch, a clearly marked section of the manual to read as well as and a set of multiple choice questions.


Once you have completed the questions and get the desired pass mark the next unit will open for you offering a structure and guided way of learning. You can take the multiple choice questions as many times as you wish with full support from your tutor where needed. This guided way of learning ensures you gain and then retain the expert knowledge. You have 6 months to complete your theory.

After you have completed all of the units in a module, you re able to book your practical lessons in so you can get hands on. We have courses and practical lessons running very regularly throughout the year, so don't worry if you're not ready for the imminent lesson, there will more than likely be one the next week or month.  

Assessment and Case Studies 

Once you’ve completed the all important theory you will provide your tutor with case studies which can upload easily on the learning portal. This allows your tutor to assess and provide appropriate feedback of your work.


Similar to the theory, if you are required to upload a new set of images your tutor will work with you to ensure you achieve the standard required to earn your accredited certificate.

Course Outcome

On successful completion of the course, you are awarded with your certificates which are beautifully printed and available on your final practical day. You have lifetime access to the portal so you can return at anytime to utilise the tutorials, manuals and downloads as a reference. 

At this point you are qualified and able to apply for professional insurance through our partners, meaning you can legally offer services to clients.

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