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Hannah-Curlita Dennis

"I wholeheartedly believe that my God given purpose is to help people. Whether it be in business, via beauty or to navigate through life. This is the concept I have based my brands on."

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I’m a fully qualified Beautician, Semi Permanent Makeup Specialist, Advanced Skincare expert and Makeup Creative (a lot I know but I just love it!) who has been working in the industry for around 12+ years. I’ve trained with some amazing Drs, scientists and other industry professionals and still am, I believe in forever learning and bettering yourself. I am also a Mentor and speaker. 


From a young age I knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry. I realised that knowing you have a beautifully made-up face, Acne free skin or defined brows is such an immense boost to confidence. I knew I needed to learn the art of helping people to look and feel great about who they are and how they look from the inside out.  


I have a great love for makeup and a fantastic eye for detail, so when I had the chance to develop my own line, I wasn’t missing out on that opportunity. In 2017 Winnie Beau London was born!


I have developed Winnie based on my lifestyle. I am extremely busy and most of the things I do are scheduled and pre-planned (I LOVE a good planner). I live in a small town called Stafford where we don't really have immediate access to most of the makeup brands and our highstreet stores don't really cater for women of colour unless you're that one token shade - meh! Places like Selfridges or the big department stores require a full day trip to another City to get what we need. We can order online, but we have to wait on delivery etc. Nothing is instant or easily accessible.


Being a Black woman, I have used my own experiences and difficulties buying makeup to create a brand that is diverse and inclusive. It is hugely important for me to pick base colours and tones that I knew would suit all skin tones. 

Having been successful in my businesses and industry, people have naturally gravitated towards me for advice and expertise. Which has now progressed my career further in becoming a mentor to people starting in any type of business and who are training to be in the beauty industry. Sessions are available face to face and on zoom, I do currently  have clients in other countries! 


Helping people is what God has put me on this earth to do. 


If you feel I can help you in anyway, whether it's for long term mentoring or just an hour to pick my brains feel free to contact me. 


Love always, 



For more information, prices and to book your bespoke mentoring package please click here

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