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Behind every smile, there's a story of Inclusivity (or a lack of)

Hi darlings,

Yesterday, while packing our students' skin course kits, I noticed  there were no plasters for different skin tones  in the standard first aid kits, luckily I stay stocked up on these so I could add them in.

But here's the bittersweet part: I'm proud that at my clinic and academy, inclusivity is not just a goal; it's a standard practice, because i’m over us being left out FYI!

As I added plasters of all colours, I couldn't help but smile - a small yet significant victory. If you know, you know!

But guys it’s 2023, diversity should be the norm, especially in something as universal as a first aid kit (which is compulsory across all industries by the way, so don’t read this and think i’m not in the beauty industry it doesn't apply to me - it does).

It's disheartening that we still need to actively champion for this change, but it fuels my commitment to making a difference for us.

Representation matters, even in the simplest things. Here's to continuing to be the change we want to see and ensuring that inclusivity becomes a standard, not an exception!

I can assure you ALL of our courses, supplies and materials etc are ethnically inclusive!

If you need help with making youre business ethnically inclusive in any way, feel free to email me directly on and i am happy to help you as this is something, as I said eaelier that should be standrd practice in EVERY compnay.

Love always


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