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3 Tips to Help You with Tricky Clients

Hey guys

Some of you may or may not have ever come across a tricky client. I wanted to give you a couple of tips to help you in your career just in case you ever need them.

1. Stay Calm and Confident Dealing with a tricky client in the beauty industry? Take a deep breath and exude confidence. Listen attentively to their concerns, and respond with a composed demeanour. Your expertise speaks for itself, and maintaining your professionalism will help ease any tension while finding a solution that satisfies both sides.

2. Empathy is Key Put yourself in their shoes – understanding their perspective can go a long way. Validate their concerns and express empathy. A simple "I understand where you're coming from" can work wonders. By showing you genuinely care about their experience, you're more likely to foster a positive resolution.

3. Set Clear Expectations Communication is your superpower. Make sure your client knows what to expect right from the start. Clearly outline the procedures, potential outcomes, and any limitations. When everyone is on the same page, misunderstandings are minimised, and the client feels more comfortable knowing what they're signing up for. Remember, a well-informed client is a happy client!

if you want any more tips or just to have a quick chat to see if we can give you a hand with something just reply to this email.

Have a great day,

Hannah-Curlita x


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