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Do you have Dry or Dehydrated skin?

Hi loves!

How are you all? So I wanted to touch base and give you a little info to help you determine if you actually have dry skin (this is genetic) or if your skin is just dehydrated.

I have a lot of people come into the salon and tell me that they have dry skin so they have bought XYZ from the high street because they have seen their fave influencer post it on their IG story and it hasn't worked. News flash hun, they're probably being paid to do the ad! Also have you determined your skin type or have you been to a professional to have your face analysed (FYI a mini skin consultation is free in the clinic).

Here are a few pointers i've pulled together to help you spot some of the signs and the difference between dehydrated and dry skin.

Dry skin:

  • This is determined by genetics.

  • If your skin is flaky or scaley, this is more than likely due to a lack of oil production which sometimes makes the skins moisture barrier break and look quite dull.

  • It may sometimes feel really itchy and if you itch too much it may even sting a little!

Dehydrated skin:

  • Absolutely any of us with any skin type can experience this!!

  • Most of us will during our lifetime (especially if you’re shit with your skin care routine).

  • Your skin will sometimes feel dry and oily at the same time. A lot of people call this combination skin but it actually may just be dehydrated skin.

  • If your skin gets too dehydrated it can (from my experience most definitely will) cause a breakout.

Contributing factors:

  • A lack of water - we need 3 litres a day darlings.

  • The environment you’re in. Do you constantly have the heating or air con on? Do you smoke?

  • Do you have cotton pillow cases - satin or silk are best as they don’t draw moisture out of your skin (eBay job Huns - if you need a link to the ones i have just send me a message and I’ll send it to you)

  • Hot baths/showers - I know we all love a hot bath but the heat isn't great for our skin.

How to test if your skin is dry or dehydrated:

Use your moisturiser. If your skin drinks the moisturisers like its absolutely parched, it's probably dehydrated. If your skin doesn't drink it quick and its actually quite struggling leaving a kind of film on your face its a massive sign your skins moisture barrier is blocked or broken and you have dry skin.

How to fix:

  • change from cotton sheets to satin or silk as the cotton will strip the moisture and natural oils out of your skin ( also your hair - my hairdresser told me this now she only lets me have satin scrunchies!)

  • Gentle cleanser for dry skin. I recommend Clinicare

  • Use a moisturiser with ceramides in for dry skin. I recommend Paula's Choice

  • Drink more water - tip: I get a subscribe and save delivery from Amazon so I have zero excuse not to have water with me at work and home (and truthfully it's so I don’t have to carry it up the stairs 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️)

  • Use a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid in and SPF 30 +. I recommend Clinicare. Use this twice a day everyday after every wash and cleanse.

  • Use an SPF 30+ to protect your skin at all times. I recommend Clinicare Sun Shield

  • Factor hydrating facials into your skin care routine every couple of months for the extra boost of hydration. Professionals have a higher percentage of active ingredients in the products we use! A Great facial I do is a hydrating and exfoliating facial including dermaplaning.

I hope all of the above was some help to you. If you enjoyed reading and learning about this please let me know.

Speak soon

Love & Glamour,

Han xoxo

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