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Business Tip: A Contingency Plan

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Business Tip: A Contingency Plan

Today, we're going to talk about something that might not sound too exciting but is absolutely crucial for your success in the world of business: the Business Contingency Plan. While you might associate contingency plans with big companies, they are equally essential for small businesses (and us all in general life) too.

Im going to dive right into it and explore reasons why you should have a business contingency plan in place, backed up by some real-life examples to drive the point home.

  1. Unpredictable Market Shifts

Imagine you're running a small salon shop near a university campus. Everything's going great, and your main clientele consists of students and lecturers. Then suddenly, the pandemic hits, and universities switch to online learning. Your business is severely impacted because your primary source of customers has disappeared.

Reason #1: Unpredictable Market Shifts Having a contingency plan in this scenario could mean having strategies in place to pivot your business model. For instance, you might start offering online tutorials for “do it yourself’ treatments, selling products online, or collaborating with online platforms to reach a wider audience.

  1. Financial Stability

Money matters, and your business's financial health is dead important. Without a contingency plan, you risk running into what I call a “financial shit show” if unexpected expenses arise.

Reason #2: Financial Stability Consider a situation where your online shop encounters a cybersecurity breach. Without a contingency plan, you might struggle to manage the financial fallout from data breaches, potentially leading to a loss of customer trust and revenue. A well-prepared plan would include insurance coverage and steps to regain customer confidence eg for new campaigns.

  1. Natural Disasters and Emergencies

Mother Nature can be unpredictable. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods – they can all wreak havoc on your business, no matter its size. We once had a hole in our building wall, and when it snowed really heavy the snow melted into the building and shut of ALL of the electrics!! I was so fumin!

Reason #3: Natural Disasters and Emergencies - Suppose you're managing a clothing shop, and a flood damages your entire inventory. A contingency plan would include insurance coverage for such events, an emergency response plan to protect your assets, and strategies to communicate with customers about the situation and recovery efforts.

  1. Employee Reliance

Your business might depend heavily on specific employees or a small team with specialised skills. What if they suddenly can't work due to illness or unforeseen circumstances?

Reason #4: Employee Reliance - Imagine you run a graphic design studio where your success is largely attributed to your lead designer. If they can't work for an extended period, your business could suffer. A contingency plan might involve cross-training employees or having a network of freelancers to fill in during such emergencies, and we know freelancers cost money, money!

In conclusion, a business contingency plan isn't just a safety net for large corporations. It's a must have for all of us business owners, no matter the size. By anticipating and preparing for unforeseen challenges, you'll not only survive but thrive in this wild, unpredictable world of business.

So this is your sign to create a contingency plan right now! Your future self will thank you when you're confidently navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

If you have any questions, or want a copy of the template I use, feel free to email me on


Hannah-Curlita x

Lead Educator

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