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Henna Brows vs Tinted Brows - How to Pick your Eyebrow Course

Hey my darlings! How was your weekend?

So as promised, i’m about to dive into a topic that's close to everyone’s hearts, and to help you choose your course – eyebrows! You guys have been sending me so many messages asking which course you should pick or should you go from tint to henna etc. So today we’re specifically going to talk about the difference between standard eyebrow tint and the luxurious wonder that is henna brows.

By the end of this 3 minute read, you’ll know exactly what and how to choose your eyebrow course. Also what eyebrow treatment you will want to add to your salon treatment list.

What's the Deal with Standard Tint?

Alright, let's start with the basics. Standard eyebrow tint is like a quick fix – it adds a touch of colour to your brows and lasts for about 2-7 days on your skin and anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks on your hairs. It's great if you're in a hurry or need a temporary boost. But let's be real – it's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to brow enhancement.

Enter: Henna Brows, the True Brow Transformation

Now, let's talk about henna brows. Imagine a treatment that not only adds colour but also nourishes and strengthens your brows. That's henna for you! Derived from the henna plant, this natural dye works its magic on both your brows and skin, giving you fuller, more defined brows that last longer than a summer fling (you all know im creasing as I write this) LOL.

How are they Different – It's More Than Just Colour

The difference between standard tint and henna brows goes beyond colour alone. Henna is like the the simple luxury treatment for your brows - you guys know I love a bit of simple luxe. It not only tints the hairs but also leaves a beautiful stain on the skin underneath, giving the illusion of thicker brows. The depth and intensity of henna's colour is so good, your clients wont stop looking at their brows. This is specifically the treatment I tell people to have before they commit to Semi permanent makeup so they can get a good idea of what their eyebrows will look like.

The Luxury of Henna: A Brow Game-Changer

Henna isn't just a brow treatment; it's an experience. The treatment includes brow mapping and measuring in every treatment, and a coffee and a chat whilst we wait for it to develop! The natural ingredients in henna are like a spa day for your brows, leaving them healthier and glossier than ever before. It's like giving your brows a treatment like you would at the hair dressers rather than just a wash and go (can you tell i’ve just had one of my hair dressing clients in for a treatment LOL).

Lasting Power: Henna Takes the Crown

Here’s the game changer - while standard tint may last around 2 weeks, henna holds the trophy for sticking around the longest. It can stay around on both your brows and skin for a solid 3-6 weeks. Talk about long-lasting beauty that keeps your clients looking fabulous day in and day out. Generally, Henna stains the skin for 7-14 days (skin type and use of products dependant) and lasts on your hairs for up to 6 weeks.

You Need a Patch Test: Why Patch Tests Are Non-Negotiable

Whether you're a standard tint veteran or a henna first-timer, a patch test is your best friend, and everyone who works at Curlita Academy puts yours and your clients health first. Your skin's sensitivities can surprise you, and we're all about pleasant surprises, not the nasty ones. A patch test before your client has the treatment ensures that they get the glam without the gamble, even if they have had this treatment done somewhere else before. Safety first, fabulousness second!

The Time Is Now: Book Your Brow Course!

Darlings, the choice is clear – henna brows are where the magic happens, but tint does still hold a heavy ground and is a fave amoung a lot of clients. Eyebrows are more than just a treatment; they're an investment in your brows' health and your confidence. We also offer the Complete Brow Technician course which covers Henna, Definition brows, Brow Lamintion, threading, mapping, waxing, tinting and male brow grooming.

If you want to book an eyebrow course click the link below. If you're not sure or want to do both, send us an email and if you book both courses together we will give you a great discount!

Email us or give us a call at the clinic on 07932402799. Your clients brows deserve it, and so do you!

Booking Links:

Combined course - call us 07932402799

If you have any questions at all give me a call or whatsapp on 07932402799.

Love always

Hannah-Curlita xx

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