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The 13-15 Years Old Beauty Masterclass is the perfect opportunity for young teens to develop valuable skills for their future. 


This course provides the foundational knowledge and techniques for the subject they choose needed to achieve success in the beauty industry. They will practice on real models and in a salon environment so they get a real feel for what salon life is like. 


Upon completion, students will gain a masterclass certificate. When they turn 16, if they have the option to submit case studies (before and afters to showcase their skills and competance)  have the option to turn their masterclass certificate into an accreditation certificate to show continued dedication to their craft and to really start their business. 


Our flexible options allow students to choose between a 1-day intensive class or 4 lessons broken down lessons over 4 weeks. This course also comes with a FREE business masterclass to help shape their minds for the future businesses they may wish to start (this is the stuff they don't teach in main stream school)!



Key Skills they will learn:


  • Skills in their chpsen subject eg nails, brows etc
  • Number skills 
  • business lessons
  • Element of Self care & worth
  • Time management
  • Literacy and communications skills 
  • Real time salon environment experience



Subjects to choose from:


  • Acrylic Nails 
  • Gel Polish & Builder nails 
  • Wax and tinting eyebrows 
  • Individual eyelashes 
  • Lash Lift 


This is a great opportunity for your child to gain confidence and valuable skills that will benefit them for years to come.


Sign up now and give your child the gift of confidence and self-expression.


13-15 Years Old Beauty Masterclass

  • 13-15 year olds only