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Nail Health - Tips to help you with clients

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How are you? Today we’re going to talk about nail health, and what to do if your client comes in with damage on their nails.

In general, having healthy nails isn't hard and can be very low maintenance - express this to your clients so they don't automatically start feeling over whelmed. If a client comes to you with nails that have been damaged, here are a few tips to help then repair their nails.

If you feel that they shouldn't have anything put on their nails, then tell them, always be open and honest with clients. Please do not just do a nail treatment because the client is demanding it or just for the money (remember we’re about nail health and a GOOD reputation).

Ask them how they have done the damage and offer them tips to get their nails to a healthy state so they can have enhancements again at a later date. Recommend products and aftercare they can easily follow at home. A good product for repairing nails is Nailtiques Formula 2, hand lotion and any cuticle oil that should be used 2-3 times a day for rehydrations and conditioning. Remember - Cuticle Oil is a nails best friend!

If a client is not sure how they have damaged their nails and they say “they have always just been like that” ask them a little more about their medical history (this should be on your consultation form and be sure to make notes of everything they have told you on their client file). Sometimes if a client is on medication, poor nail health can be a side effect of it. If they are not on medication, ask them to visit a dr because nail health can be a sign of poor thyroid health - also remember we are not Dr’s so all we can do is refer to the GP and not give them advice on health issues.

The rules I give my clients to maintain health natural nails are:

  • Do not use your nails as tools - it can break them and cause pressure damage

  • Always wear gloves for the washing up and housework to stop products drying your nails out and cracking the skin around your nail.

  • Always use cuticle oil daily to keep your skin and nails hy

drated - this will also make any enhancements (gel polish or acrylic nails etc) last longer

  • Keep your nails to a length that you can actually manage and matches your lifestyle.

  • If you don't have any enhancements on your nails, use a nails protein or strengthener and apply it 3-4 times a week and then take off and repeat. This is also a good tip for anyone who has taken off their enhancements temporarily for things like surgery - it will just keep them a little bit stronger until the client next sees you.

  • DO NOT pick enhancements off your nails - you can accuse damage to the nail plate, the proximal fold and hyponychium.

  • Always keep a nail file hand so if you tear or chip a nail you can just file it down so you don't cause any other damage to the rest of the nail.

Things to do in your salon:

Stock cuticle oil and offer it to yo

ur clients to buy. This shows them you are reinforcing what you have said about nail health and it also gives you an extra bit of cash to each appointment which is bringing the average value of each sale up!

  • If you have a website make products available for clients to buy on there too. Remember you’re not open 24/7 and if your website can work for you then bonus - all you have to do is pack the order.

  • Have leaflets or handouts available for clients to read and takeaway with them showing them their aftercare. They will probably show someone else too - great free marketing.

  • Have a social sign (QR Code) around so clients can scan it and go straight to your website or social media. This is another way to get them to see the other treatments and products you offer whilst they are waiting.

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I hope all that helps, if you have any questions or need any more advice feel free to send me a message on here or email me directly

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Love always,


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