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Do we currently offer finance?

We work with a finance provider that offers flexible finance packages for our 5-Day Skincare Course.

This finance provider checks your eligibility for finance with multiple lenders in one simple application -- and offers different terms and interest rates based on your personal circumstances.

We don't get anything from this company and it isn't a lending facility directly with Topmost. If accepted, your repayments will be made to a bank or another type of lender.

This company is simply a partner that we work with to try to make the course more accessible to everyday people.

You can check your eligibility without affecting your credit score HERE.

Additional options right now...

Many of our students choose to take out a credit facility elsewhere (either an interest free credit card or a personal loan) and use the capital they've borrowed to pay for the course. They then make monthly instalments on the credit card/loan -- essentially financing the course themselves.

In this article, we aren't advising you to do this for finance -- or anything else for that matter. We're simply explaining what some of our students have chosen to do to finance their course over monthly instalments, and walk you through the process that they followed to do so, so you can explore the options yourself.

If you do choose to apply for a credit card/loan to pay for your course -- and then you make monthly instalments to pay that off over a number of months/years -- be sure to read all of the terms & conditions during the application process. We have no affiliation with any finance companies and your credit facility will be with the lender.

Interest free, or low interest, credit cards

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